From decades a big penis is always considered a treasure to manhood. Although the penis size is widely dependent on your gene and race, for instance, A person living in the Mediterranean region can have normal size as of its people but can be small compared to the Africans. Besides this gene play, haven’t you ever thought of increasing your penis size by an inch or two? In most likable cases, you might have. Penis has always signified manhood; thus, a bigger penis means better manhood. Imagine your girlfriend not satisfied with the relationship because her preference size differs from yours? At worst, you cannot even tell the reason for the dispute to others.

In this day and age, penis extenders have cleansed these problems. They have completely evolved the perception of men about their sizes. Many of these extenders offer guaranteed results. Just attach a penis stretcher to your penis and increase both the girth and size of your penis without any invasion. However, before buying any health-related device, it is obvious to know how they actually work.

How do penis extenders work?

Most Penis extenders in the market work on the fundamentals of Penis traction. A certain tension is created on the penis. Since the penis itself is a bundle of muscle fibers, it behaves like other muscles. It responds to tension by having microscopic tears. As a counter-response, your body will heal these tears and go through mitosis, which eventually will increase the size of the penis.

It is similar to weight lifting. When a person in the gym takes weight, the muscles undergo microscopic tears that initiate the healing process. As a result, all the minute gaps are backed with new cells, and an increase in size is appreciated. This process is physiological and comes with no pain.
Here are the aforementioned best stretchers in the market.

1-The quick extender pro

Quick extender pro, just like its name, can quickly extend your penis like a pro. This pro device is considered one of the best bets in the race of penis extenders. In the minimum time phase, this device can increase the length of your penis and escalate the girth of your manhood. The quick extender pro implies double strap support that can extend phallus without making any stinky smell from your shorts. Whether in the office or off the day at home, you can wear QEP anytime, anywhere. The aim of QEP is to maximize gain without any compromise on the comfort zone of the customer.
QEP can also be indicated as a treatment for Peyronie’s disease, which causes curved and painful erections. The brand offers significant results without opting for surgery and that too at the most affordable rates.

Many people become reluctant when it comes to ordering extenders; this happens because many people find these devices taboo. Thus, many people do not order this because they might be confronted with the so-called transgression they have committed. In this regard, QEP knows the actual meaning of privacy; it comes with 100% guaranteed privacy, keeping your private life private from others. So grab this device and enjoy discreet delivery and shipping.


When it comes to penis extenders, SizeGenetics is worth every penny. SizeGenetics has been serving for 19 years and has consistently shown permanent gains to its worthy customers. It is a powerful extender that can create a tension of 2800 g and has every potential to unlock new levels of your manhood. SizeGenetics penis extender creates no pain and can be worn for a longer period within your comfort levels. This FDA cleared device claims guaranteed success, and at best, also offers a money-back guarantee. So if in rare cases you are not satisfied with the results, you can avail their return policy, and every penny would be paid back to you.
This trailed and tested device is completely safe and applies steady and firm pressure, which means no chance of detaching from your penis. Furthermore, SizeGenetics, like QPE, also offers a privacy guarantee and is delivered discreetly. In short, this device gives you every reason to buy and try it.

3-Phallosan forte

Phallosan forte is among the best penis extender in the market. Phallosan is a certified device that increases the size and girth of the penis and helps in attaining firm as stone erections. This reliable device uses the vacuum method and strengthens the penis for a better direction and size. This technically ingenious device comes with a valve to manually set the pressure at favorable tension. This device also comes with a color scale that ranges from green to red color, with green denoting light tension and red being extreme tension. The material used for the device is allergy-free which makes its longtime use favorable.
Talk about the science of this device, and you won’t stop praising. Phallosan forte also comes with a mobile application that can assist you with the measurements and other results. This feature of Phallosan forte makes its use unique and feasible for the users. Take your credit card and enjoy your drive at the most.

Final Remarks

Opting for a penis extender depends mainly upon personal preferences. Some might look for inexpensive while other look for quality. Order the penis stretcher which suits your preferences and get yourself out from all the worries and distress. Stay confident whenever someone asks you out!