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About George Peabody

Hawaii resident since 1962

Married, self employed, Molokai resident

Publisher/Editor Molokai Advertiser-News (aka The M.A.N.) since 1984

Community leadership: Public beach rights of way; No Fluoride; Taxation is Slavery-Stop Real Property and Income Tax; Light Glare; Stop Fishpond scams; Stop War on Drugs; Pro Hemp Farming; Cut bureaucracy immediately; de-militarize airports and police departments; Bill of Rights Day Dec. 15; J.A.I.L. for Judges; Pro 2nd Amendment; Privatize education; No new laws unless they pass Constitutional scrutiny first, and repeal all existing unConstitutional statutes and rules and ordinances; Sunset all socialist programs; Control fireworks into specific locations such as sports arenas, and exclude from residence areas; Insist on individual sovereignty and equality under the law for each citizen of Hawaii without regard to race—this principle fits perfectly with Aloha, Hawaii’s great gift to the world—oppose the Akaka Bill et al; establish a unicameral legislature, meeting once every five years; cut political pay to a stipend; let prosperity and freedom ring true for the peaceful and hardworking citizens of Hawaii by ending Taxation Slavery because working Hawaii residents own no more of the income that they produce than did medieval serfs and 19th century slaves, and the share claimed by the IRS is equal to the share claimed by feudal lords and slave owners.

I am George Peabody, a candidate for governor of Hawaii. I am a freedom fighter, a REVOLUTIONARY who will govern the bureaucracy, not the free sovereign People.

Obviously, a majority of eligible Voters are feeling helpless to do anything, including vote, to clean the corruption out of State and county governments. I describe State and county governments as Institutions of Organized Crime, not unlike the Mafia because of their long record of criminal behavior regarding law enactment and enforcement by legislators, police, prosecutors, judges, and the governors over the past 40 years, and the Taxation Slavery we suffer and is destroying our economy and destroying families with CPS abuses and the infamous and failing War on Drugs. Government has become one and the same with Organized Crime. This election is the Voters' chance to sweep out the whole lot of Incumbents careerist fascist politicians and bureaucrats and voting in a whole new slate of candidates who will keep their Oath of Office to enforce the Bill of Rights and to prevent this ongoing Taxation Slavery and government tyranny we continue to suffer under Democrats and Republicans. I stand for individual liberty and personal responsibility on all issues at all times, and I will slash government size and costs and intrusiveness to stop Tax Slavery, end War on Drugs, release non-violent drug offenders, reject federal interference in State affairs at airports, kick out the I.R.S, prevent fluoridation of drinking water, stop corporate welfare, find non-government solutions, and privative all non-core government services. I am a candidate for governor to offer Voters that choice, to be free sovereign individuals, or Taxation Slaves. I sincerely hope that these are reasons enough to motivate Voters to vote to revolutionize government in Hawaii by electing George Peabody for governor: I will govern and restrain the bureaucracy, and free The People from Tax Slavery and government tyranny that we suffer now from the fascist government of Organized Crime in Hawaii. Voters can be enlivened by my practical, though revolutionary, approach to the gift of governance, one whose tone and tenor is based on humility and aloha, enforcement of our Bill of Rights and individual Sovereignty and that in our Republic law is ONLY by CONSENT of the governed, not condescension and the usual evasive and empty political rhetoric of the Old Boy Network. I feel like Serpico must have felt about corruption in his police department. Now is your chance Voters! IMUA! Vote for FREEDOM! That will bring back true participatory democracy at the voting booth again.

In 1998 Lingle dodged debating Peabody on TV. " In 2002, I hope The People will demand public debates on TV with all the candidates for governor this time!" admonished Peabody

For further information on candidate for governor George Peabody, please contact him by email: molokaiman1@earthlink.net, and or by phone 1-808-558-8253, or by mail address : George Peabody HC01 Box 770 KKai, Molokai, HI 96748.

We must end the ever-expanding asset seizures in Hawaii which have made your property rights among the least secure. Over the past 18 years, federal, state and local governments have acquired the power to use a large number of pretexts to confiscate the assets of citizens without bringing any charges against the owners. The new anti-terrorism laws have expanded the number of pretexts. Most Americans are unaware of the danger, but as the confiscations continue to mount, sooner or later everyone will know someone who has had homes, cars, boats, guns and farm equipment, artworks etc confiscated without any basis in criminal charges or convictions.

I resolve to use the power of the Executive Office of Governor to restore sovereignty and equality under law to all individuals in Hawaii and defend the Sovereign State of Hawaii from local and federal tyranny by taking these actions:

  1. Demilitarize all State operated airports operations and road accesses immediately; and, put the federal government on Notice that their unConstitutional overreaching into the affairs of the Sovereign State of Hawaii will no longer be tolerated.
  2. Dec. 15 delared Bill of Rights Day in Hawaii, emphasizing the sovereignty of individuals, ( and recognition of the rights of animals). Taxation is the power to destroy, so like Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,Washington and Wyoming, Hawaii residents should not have to pay personal income tax to the State.
  3. End War on Drugs in Hawaii; pardon and release all non-violent offenders. We have never had a drug-free society, and we never will. Recognizing this fact, we should try to employ an approach which will reduce the overall harm that flows from drug use and abuse.
  4. Stop all the State/Federal's plans to fluoridate public drinking water in Hawaii.
  5. Direct State Attorney General to stop protecting bureaucrats and start protecting The People from the tyranny bureaucrats inflict on us in their efforts to enslave us with the taxation and excessive regulations (fascism) that have caused so much economic down turn in Hawaii.
  6. Advocate J.A.I.L. for Judges (end immunity for all judges, and government agents), for they are the ones who violate their oath of office inorder to support the Policestate regime (including themselves) who have been ruining Hawaii the past forty years with their Rulings that allow this Democrat/Republican continuum of unConstitutional laws, make bureaucratic rules effective as laws, and effectively prohibit the 1st Amendment Right to petition government against the wrongs inflicted on The People. I will nominate for judgships only those qualified by their demonstrated committment to protect and defend the Constitutions of Hawaii and our united States of America.
  7. I will immediately remove the bloated state bureaucracy (DBEDT, OCS, fishpond scams, etc) to greatest extent possible to prevent tyranny and increase individual liberty. I hope you are aware of the big lesson from the political struggles of the 20th Century (that unplanned, unregulated, systems of independent actors always triumph over top down central planning) ?
  8. Privatization of education is proven to be the best solution to improve public education.
  9. Cap expenditures to equal population growth plus inflation, or less; return excess taxes to voters.
  10. I will administer the provisions of the Hawaii constitution to eleminate Taxation Slavery, political paternalism, welfare redistribution, government initiated economic regulation and planning, and the government control over social affairs. Remember, We the People created limited government to preserve the peace and protect our inalienable rights; and, the Constitution is a restriction on government to prevent the police-state and taxslavery we now suffer.

From my home on Molokai, I send my warmest Aloha to my friends in Hawaii. As a Hawaii resident actively working to end taxation slavery and to put government under constitutional constraints and to support our soverign state against federal intrusions and exposing government corruption for the past 40 years, I am very happy for the opportunity to campaign again this year to be elected to serve as your Governor of Hawaii. I advocate individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the smallest government.

Improved technology such as email and widespread affordable internet access now provides an effective and convenient way for The People to learn which candidates will act to reduce the costs and size and intrusiveness of government so we can eliminate state income taxes and provide the economic freedom needed by The People to create a viable and sustainable economy that benefits us all. Please email to me any questions you have about my campaign position on issues of concern to you. My email address is: molokaiman1@earthlink.net

Do you believe that government is way too big? Do you want government agents to respect you? Do you believe that taxes are way too high? Do you believe that government is way too involved in businesses, social matters, and our personal lives? Are you tired of the ineffective Nazi-style security measures imposed at state airports by the federal government? Do you want to end the government's War on Drugs that violates rights and damages society more than the drugs? Should police and prosecutors concentrate on real criminals instead of victimless crimes? Do you agree that we must end the ever-expanding asset seizures in Hawaii which have made your property rights among the least secure now that federal, state and local governments confiscate homes, cars, boats, bank accounts of citizens without bringing any charges against the owners? Are there too many laws and rules and regulations? Do you support the individual right to keep and bear arms? Should every child's parents have the choice to educate their children the best way possible? Do you oppose fluoridation of public water supplies? Should personal income taxes and real property taxes be elinimated?

Tell me what you expect the governor to do, so I can best represent your interests in support of freedom, peace, and prosperity for all. I say yes to all of the above. If you do too, we have much in common. Here is more about me.

George Peabody, candidate for governor of Hawaii 2006
HC01 Box 770 KKai
Molokai, HI 96748

email: molokaiman1@earthlink.net
phone: 558-8253

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